Whistleblowing Policy

To which unit shall I submit the complaint or disclosure?

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As a general policy, any complaint or report should be submitted to the immediate superior. However, when matters are not acted upon by the immediate superior in accordance with the company’s standard reporting procedures or is concealed, or the immediate superior is involved in the infraction, or the reporting person fears reprisal which prevents him

Is the whistleblower protected?

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The identity of the whistleblower and witnesses shall be kept strictly confidential. Retaliation against any whistleblower or witness is prohibited and shall be dealt with by the company. A whistleblower also has the option of reporting anonymously but naturally, the protection from retaliation cannot be applied to an unidentified whistleblower or witness.

Who is the whistleblower?

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Any person i.e. employee, officer, a supplier, vendor or contractor, customer, and external party who makes a disclosure / reports about an actual, suspected, anticipated improper conduct / behavior in the organization via various dedicated channels.

Why is there a whistleblowing policy?

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The whistleblower policy is intended to encourage employees, including the SVCs, to impose upon themselves the duty to disclose or to make good faith reports of suspected fraud, corruption, or other improper activity, or health and safety concerns within the organization to appropriate company officials and to describe the process that will be followed by

What is whistleblowing?

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The policy defines whistleblowing as the disclosure or filing of a complaint by an employee or a group of employees of the company who, in good faith believes that the company or any of his/their colleagues is or has engaged in an improper course of illegal or unethical conduct.