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What gifts can I keep as recipient?

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As defined in the policy, token gifts, or gifts valued equal to or below Php4000, such as small corporate, promotional gifts, for example pens marked with the company logo and similar items, may be accepted and kept by the recipient, however, all of these must be disclosed. Gifts offered in recognition of a personnel’s participation

How do I deal with an offer of a gift?

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As a general rule, gifts offered should be politely refused. Cash or cash equivalents (such as gift certificates, cheques, electronic payments) should be politely refused and returned to the giver. Officers and employees need to be careful and assess what is expected in return when a gift or other favor is offered. In addition, officers

Why do we have this policy?

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This policy was adopted to provide the safeguards so that the custom of gift giving and receiving shall be handled in accordance with the company’s principles of integrity, accountability, fairness, and transparency; and to ensure that officers and employees practice equal treatment, unbiased professionalism, and non-discriminatory actions. Relatives are also covered by this policy. While