Conflict of Interest

When do I need to update the COI disclosure form?

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You will need to update the form on an annual basis or as soon as you become aware of a potential conflict of interest situation or relationship. The annual disclosure is a mandatory procedure for all officers and employees to formally certify that they have observed the company’s rules concerning the Code of Business Conduct

Will the COI policy discourage employees from getting involved in external and/or entrepreneurial activities?

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Integrity is an organizational core value, and a part of everyone’s job. Whenever possible, the immediate superior and CGO manages the conflicts and does not discourage part time job opportunities, starting up of a business, or continuing of studies. Disclosure of these external activities avoids potential conflicts by allowing an objective set of eyes to

Why are we required to disclose? Why won’t the company just trust its officers and employees?

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This policy, in the interest of transparency, was intended to help protect the interest of the company and its directors, officers, employees, and consultants from unfounded accusations, or from accusations that your personal interests are compromising the integrity of your business-related actions and decisions. The disclosure also provides an opportunity for you and your immediate

How can I avoid conflict of interest or mitigate potentially damaging consequences of being in a conflict of interest situation?

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Officers and employees must maintain a high degree of integrity and concern for the company’s interests. As soon as you become aware of the situation, disclosure can be done online by logging into the CG application or by downloading the form from the company intranet or website and submit it to your superior or directly

What could be construed as “conflicts of interest”?

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A conflict of interest happens when the private interest of a director, employee, consultant, and/or his affiliate interferes or appears to interfere in any way with the interest of the company. These include actions and decisions influenced or appearing to be influenced by a subjective concern and/or the personal interests of the director, employee, consultant,