Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

What gifts are referred to in the policy?

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These are the things of value (such as cash or other cash equivalent, gift certificate, corporate gifts, token, or promotional items) whether perishable or non-perishable, favors and benefits (such as corporate discounts), given directly or indirectly to any Director, Officer, Employee, or Consultant of the company by a Third Party with whom the company does

What is the role of the corporate governance office (CGO) with respect to the Code’s implementation?

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The CGO is responsible for applying the Code to specific situations, providing guidance on issues arising from the Code’s implementation, and taking actions on Code matters such as reports of violations. All personnel are encouraged to contact the CGO over matters relating to the Code and its implementation.

Would reporting a violation be seen as being disloyal?

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Reporting a violation is not being disloyal to the company. It is working for the best interest of the company, as it upholds the values of integrity, fairness, transparency, and accountability. The Code specifically requires the disclosure to the corporate governance office (CGO) of any awareness or knowledge of an existing or potential violation of

What is the difference between the “Manual on Corporate Governance” and the “Code of Business Conduct and Ethics”?

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The Manual on Corporate Governance enumerates the offices and persons responsible in ensuring adherence to sound corporate governance principles, best practices, and compliance commitments and their related requirements. The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics states the company’s business principles and values, upholding of which would guide and govern all business relationships of the company,

Why is there a need for a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics?

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The Code establishes the norms of behavior to which all company personnel commit in order to conduct business according to the highest standards of ethics. The Code also enumerates and describes the principles and values which shall guide and govern all decisions and actions of the company’s directors, officers, and employees when performing their respective