NLEX Corporation’s commitment to customer satisfaction assures customers of continued improvement on customer service. The first and only tollway company to regard motorists as customers, the company implements programs to build and maintain customer relationships, organizes a receptive and responsive task force to look after customer satisfaction, and establishes effective communication channels to know, understand, listen and respond to customer needs.

NLEXcellence Safety Awards

The NLEXcellence Safety Awards is NLEX Corporation’s recognition to NLEX and SCTEX users, specifically bus and truck companies, who share the same values and commitment to road safety. The recognition is given to a company for excelling in all three categories: vehicle quality, drivers’ professionalism and company operational excellence.

Customer Satisfaction Task Force (CSTF)

The Customer Satisfaction Task Force (CSTF) has positioned itself as a major catalyst of change that addresses the customers’ perceived needs, wants and areas of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. The CSTF is tasked to constantly listen to customers to better understand what are important to them as users of the expressway, as well as determine areas for improvement, in support of the company’s commitment to deliver safer, faster, and more convenient travel experience for NLEX-SCTEX motorists.