NLEX Corporation’s CSR strategy is to adopt a key element in the corporation’s core business (“doing well” dimension) as its CSR program (“doing good” dimension).  NLEX Corporation considers its stakeholders–motorists, government partners, host communities, media, and general public– as having “equity” in the present and future viability of the organization and of maintaining roadway quality to assure road safety.  It keeps them safe and comfortable, while recognizing their right to be heard because their feedback is an important input to the company’s continuing improvement programs.

Greening the NLEX-SCTEX

To address concerns about global warming and environmental imbalance, NLEX Corporation launched the Greening the NLEX-SCTEX program, which aims to provide clean air to the expressway.

NLEX Tullahan River Cleanup

Launched in 2010, NLEX Corporation and some 100 volunteers from Barangay Talipapa in Quezon City, Barangay Ugong in Valenzuela City, and Barangay 164 in Caloocan City regularly conduct cleanup drives in 1.5- kilometer-stretch of the Tullahan River. The “Tullahan River: Cleaning it up, Keeping it Clean” program does not only aim to protect and preserve the Tullahan River, but also hopes to uplift the quality of life of Tullahan residents through education, training and capacity building.

NLEX Tullahan Junior Patrol

The NLEX Tullahan Junior Patrol is NLEX Corporation’s corporate social responsibility program aimed at educating and engaging the children of Barangay Talipapa in Quezon City, Barangay Ugong in Valenzuela City, and Barangay 164 in Caloocan City on the importance of protecting and preserving the environment, especially the Tullahan River. It also intends to train these children to be watchers of Tullahan River and inspire them to join the regular cleanup drive in their respective areas.

The NLEX Tullahan Junior Patrol is a spinoff of the company’s existing CSR program at Tullahan where a group of hundred volunteers has been conducting monthly cleanup drives in 1.5-kilometer-stretch of the Tullahan River since 2010.

NLEX sa Kalusugan

NLEX Corporation undertakes medical missions targeting indigent residents of its host communities.  These medical missions include free checkups and medicines for beneficiaries, while feeding programs aim to improve residents’ nutrition.

See Clearly Drive Safely: NLEX SCTEX Eye Care Program

The NLEX Corporation, in partnership with Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Cardinal Medical Charities Foundation, and Provincial Bus Operators Association of the Philippines (PBOAP), launched the NLEX-SCTEX Eye Clinic Project “See Clearly, Drive Safely” aimed at providing free eye check-ups and optometry services to drivers who regularly ply the NLEX-SCTEX.

NLEX-SCTEX Gusto Ko Ligtas Ka!

An emergency response program for community health centers at the                                                                                                                                        periphery of nearby entry or exit of NLEX-SCTEX that aims to promote                                                                                                                                            safety even outside the expressway.

NLEX sa Edukasyon

The program aims to improve the quality of education by renovating and improving schools across Central Luzon. NLEX Corporation also donated computers, tables, and bookshelves to enhance the learning experience in Bulacan, Pampanga and Nueva Ecija. Approximately 500 out-of-school youth in Bulacan also received culinary scholarship programs.

NLEX-SCTEX Basketboys        

A youth summer program to promote wellness and develop camaraderie among the youth of NLEX and SCTEX. Also conceptualized to reduce road safety related incidents by engaging the youth to spend their summer productively.

Skills Training Program

“NLEX-SCTEX Ganda Mo, Hanapbuhay Ko” is a basic cosmetology training program in partnership with the Ang-Hortaleza Foundation. This program aims to provide skills training to uplift the lives of residents in its host communities.

Kawayanihan sa NLEX-SCTEX

A bamboo planting and propagation program in partnership with ALC Foundation aimed at providing NLEX-SCTEX communities an alternative means of livelihood.

Employee Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Employees of North Tollways (VENT) is focused on carrying the spirit of giving back and social responsibilities through various fields of services to the host communities of NLEX and SCTEX.

Disaster Relief Operations

NLEX Corporation responds to natural disasters relief operations in NLEX host communities hit by typhoon, flooding and other calamities.  The company ensures that immediate, appropriate and efficient assistance is extended to survivors of tragedies.