NLEX Corporation has embarked on enhancement works at NLEX-SCTEX as part of its continuing efforts to boost the safety and overall travel experience of motorists.

Improvements include toll plaza repainting, pavement replacement and crack sealing, guardrail and fence repairs. These are implemented on top of the company’s routine maintenance activities such as roadway sweeping, grass cutting, tree pruning, and oil spill and drainage cleaning.

“We are ready to welcome our motorists with refurbished toll facilities that promote safety and cleanliness,” said NLEX Corporation President and General Manager J. Luigi L. Bautista.

“This is our way of making NLEX-SCTEX safer and extra welcoming as we expect more motorists to ply our expressways in the coming days,” he added.

At present, repainting works are underway for the chariots or concrete islands of toll plazas in NLEX Balintawak, Bocaue, and Karuhatan.  Some cracks on pavements in select NLEX-SCTEX areas are undergoing sealing to minimize water intrusion that may weaken the structures. The pavement at the southbound portion of Balagtas is also being replaced to ensure smoother and safer travel.

Guardrails and fences along the two expressways are being repaired to better protect motorists from roadside hazards.

Bautista noted that all safety guidelines of the government were observed while doing all these projects.

Over the past two months, the tollway company promptly came up with programs to help shift and transition to a new norm of customer service. It has been implementing stringent hygienic and disinfection protocols for all its facilities and project sites to ensure the health and safety of its motorists and employees amid the COVID-19 pandemic. NLEX-SCTEX frontliners have also been equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment so motorists will feel safer and more protected.

“We will continue to afford our motorists a convenient and reliable journey in our expressways.  This will mean not just a faster time of travel, but a safer and more convenient alternative as well,” Bautista said.