NLEX Corporation is upgrading the roadway lights and signs at NLEX-SCTEX as part of its enhancement program to ensure better service for motorists.

“With over 1,000 brighter lights and more than 600 new signs for installation, we are aiming to clearly, directly, and safely guide motorists to their destinations,” said NLEX Corporation president and general manager J. Luigi L. Bautista, adding that “these continuing enhancement efforts also stemmed from the suggestions of our customers through various touchpoints such as stakeholder consultations, dialogues, fora, surveys, and social media.

Covering both the northbound and southbound directions of NLEX-SCTEX, the signage project involves the replacement of old and installation of additional road signs for improved visual navigation.

The signs were also upgraded to go beyond the standards by increasing the font and sign sizes as well as increasing reflectivity to remain highly visible during nighttime. Target completion of the project is by May 2020.

In another move to promote road safety, NLEX Corporation is set to complete this February the replacement of 1,078 interchange and median LED lighting from NLEX Balintawak to Tabang.

Old lights in the said expressway section need to be replaced as their brightness have reduced over time. The tollway company also heightened the illumination or brightness level of the new lights to 20 lux from the previous 12 lux to help drivers become more aware of their surroundings.

“NLEX Corporation recognizes the importance of providing adequate lighting and appropriate road signs for safe and efficient expressway travel of our motorists,” Bautista said.