NLEX Corporation will start migrating to new phone numbers this September. This is in compliance with the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) directive, which requires telecommunications entities to migrate landline numbers in area code (02) or Greater Metro Manila to generate additional lines for customers. NLEX is a subscriber of PLDT.

The NLEX-SCTEX hotline that used to be (02) 3-5000 will become 1-35000 by September 20, 2019. Customers will still be able to access the old hotline until October 6 but are encouraged to start using the new number.

Meanwhile, the NLEX Corporation 7-digit trunkline will be updated to the 8-digit format by October 6, 2019, the government-set deadline. From 580-8900, the new company number will be 8-580-8900. Callers from the provinces will do the usual procedure of dialing the area code (02) followed by the new 8-digit landline number.

NLEX explained that those who will still dial the old numbers will hear a reminder and an instruction to contact the new numbers.

“We are working closely with NTC and PLDT to ensure service continuity and seamless transition during the said dates,” said NLEX Corporation President and General Manager J. Luigi L. Bautista, adding that “the company will extend its efforts in making the public aware of this change in phone numbers.”

For questions or concerns, NLEX-SCTEX customers may also visit the company website ( and official social media accounts (@nlexexpressways).